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Project Description
An editor that simplifies editing of XML Configuration files. It was originally developed for use with AutoSPInstaller, but will work for any XML config file.

This treeview based editor was originally developed for use with AutoSPInstaller for SharePoint to make it easier to edit the configuration files used to drive an AutoSPInstaller automated installation. Since the application infers the schema of the underlying file from the XML itself it automatically adapts to changes in the schema used by programs like AutoSPInstaller. This also makes it perfect for editing other XML configuration files.

Main Features
*Display ANY well formed XML file in a treeview representing element nodes and attributes
*Edit element node and attribute values
*Compare two similar XML files and highlights different elements and values
*Display XML Remarks as Tooltips on the element nodes
*Clone complete XML branches
*Save Server specific config file (AutoSPInstaller specific)


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